Why 5 meals a day

Why 5 meals a day

Sometimes when I ask people how many meals they have per day, i might get answers like 2 or 3. When I tell them to eat 5 meals a day many of them freak out. They say they will be as big as a house if they eat that much.  I’m not talking full meals. What I mean is 3 meals and 2 healthy snacks. If you’re eating first thing in the morning and then every about 2.5-3 hours you will find it the most effective way to keep your metabolism going strong and to ensure that your energy levels remain at constant level throughout the day.

There are some benefits if eating every 3 hours:

  • more energy
  • less hunger
  • reduced food cravings
  • control blood sugar levels & insulin production
  • reduced body fat storage
  • maintain & increase lean muscle mass

Obviously, it takes a good amount of planning, preparation, and persistence to get into the habit of eating this frequently. So there is The HEALTHY KITCHEN coming handy and helps you skip all the planning and preparation, bringing you balanced, freshly prepared meals to cover all your needs.

So plan it now, get healthier and more energised 👍