Smarter snacking tips

Smarter snacking tips

Choosing snacks that are consistent with dietary guidelines and provide essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein that are required to keep our bodies functioning normally are obtained from our diet. Below there are some snacking tips to help you achieve this.

1. Plan ahead
It’s easy to reach for any Snack when the hunger hits. That’s why a little forward planning can help. Think about your snacks in advance and choose food that contribute important nutrients to your diet.

2. Watch your portions
As much as healthy snacks are important to keep your metabolism up, it is important to know if you’re not eating more than the serving size.

3. Remember – drinks may provide calories too
Can’t resist things like fizzy drinks (naughty naughty 😝), fruit juices,  coffees with all the fancy trimmings? Just remember that they contain calories and sugar.

 4. Pack a snack
A great way to stop worrying about whether you’re going to be tempted by fattening food during the day is to have a healthier option handy. So before heading out,remember to pack a snack so you can satisfy your appetite without having to give in to more indulgent options. It may also help you from over-eating so plan your next meal!

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