Sunday delivery – Meals for Monday

Monday delivery – Meals for Tuesday & Wednesday

Wednesday delivery – Meals for Thursday & Friday

The delivery hours : From 3PM till Midnight.


  • Orders for Monday to Friday diet plans only
  • Make sure to order by Thursday evening. Orders placed after Thursday midnight will be scheduled for next week deliveries.

We deliver fresh, healthy and ready to eat (not frozen) meals 3 times a week – every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday to customers address – home address or workplace.

  • The delivery hours : From 3PM till Midnight.
  • The driver will contact you by phone prior arrival.
  • The food is delivered chilled in microwaveable trays.
  • All meals can be stored in the fridge.
  • We also deliver on Bank Holidays.
  • You don’t need to be present at the time of delivery  – Food can be delivered  in thermal container to your safe location on request.

When placing your order be sure to use an address where you can receive your meals safely.  Please advise about alternate contact or where there is a safe place to leave the package in case there is no one available to take the order.  The meals can be delivered in thermal bag with ice pack to keep  them safe in cool temperature lasting up to 12 hours. 

To track your delivery

phone or WhatsApp: 085 11 26 123