Healthy Diet Meal Plans Delivered to Your Door in Dublin

Healthy Diet Meal Plans

Whatever your personal background might be, we prepare suitable diet meal plans for each individual person’s needs. Our experience dietitian have developed 5 different diet meal plans that are delicious and nutritious as well as portion and calories controlled.

Everyone is different and has their own specific needs. Choose one of our meal diet plans most suitable to your needs so that it will help you achieve your personal fitness or weight loss goals. Healthy kitchen diet meal plans are easy to follow, there is so much variety and ready to eat in only a few minutes.

Diet Meal Plans

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  • 3 Meal Plan


    This plan consists of 3 meals ( breakfast , lunch and dinner ) Its ideal diet  for everyone who wants  to eat healthy, improve their health and maximize their energy level. In this plan you’ll find fiber-rich complex carbohydrates, lean protein sources, healthy fats and dairy.


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  • Diet Meal Plans Bodybuilding & Athletic


    Sport focused meal plans are designed for the active individual in mind. Diet meal plans bodybuilding & athletic has a slightly different mix of nutrients that ensures you are giving your hard working muscles the fuel they need to recover and repair after  those intense workout sessions.

    These plans accommodate very high activity levels, you will notice that the macronutrient distribution favors a higher protein and moderate carbohydrate intake. This will ensure you have energy to spare as you go about those exercise sessions.

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  • Diet Meal Plans Fitness


    Looking to achieve a high level of fitness or a toned body? If you want to have low levels of body fat with good  muscle tone and definition, your diet will make all the difference.

    Our fitness meal plans help  ensure your body burns fat all day long,  giving you the nutrients you need to get through a workout session.

    These plans will be lower carb in nature, putting more emphasis on the protein and healthy fat side of things.

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  • Diet Meal Plans Vegetarian


    Our vegetarian meal plans are 100% meat-free while still getting in all the vital nutrients your body needs to feel its best.

    Protein is the hardest nutrient to consume adequate amounts of on a vegetarian diet.

    Our diet meal plans provide all essential daily protein required. Note that these plans will include egg and dairy products.

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  • Diet Meal Plans Vegetarian + Fish


    This meal plan was created for those who prefer vegetarian meals but they would like to include fish , eggs and dairy products in their diet . It provides all the vital nutrients our body needs to feel its best.


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  • Diet Meal Plans Kids


    Diet Meal Plans for kids are based on balanced nutritional portion controlled meals. The kids diet consists of 3 healthy and balanced ready to eat meals: breakfast, snack and lunch.  This diet plan is suitable for kids aged 6 to 13 years.

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