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Diet Meal Plans Bodybuilding & Athletic


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Sport focused meal plans are designed for the active individual in mind. Diet meal plans bodybuilding & athletic has a slightly different mix of nutrients that ensures you are giving your hard working muscles the fuel they need to recover and repair after  those intense workout sessions.

These plans accommodate very high activity levels, you will notice that the macronutrient distribution favors a higher protein and moderate carbohydrate intake. This will ensure you have energy to spare as you go about those exercise sessions.

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Diet Meal Plans Bodybuilding & Athletic



  • athletes,
  • bodybuilding,
  • swimmers,
  • and those wanting to gain muscle mass and strength.


Calorie ranges:

  • 2’500 kcal for both men and women
  • 3’000 kcal more for active males
  • 4’000 kcal more for active males


Order options:

  • 1 day – sample
  • 1 week ( 5 days )
  • 2 weeks (10 days)
  • 3 weeks (15 days)
  • 4 weeks ( 20 days)