Healthy Diet Meal Plans Menu

January menu:

Monday 14th to Friday 18th


  • Breakfast:           Italian pancetta, asparagus and hardboiled egg salad
  • Lunch:                 Mexican beef wrap
  • Dinner:                Chicken tikka with couscous, grilled veg



  • Breakfast:           Scrambled eggs with pancetta and tomato
  • Lunch:                 Chicken & mango wrap
  • Dinner:                Turkey meatballs with wholegrain penne pasta and tomato sauce



  • Breakfast:           Granola with Greek yoghurt and berry sauce
  • Lunch:                 Butternut squash soup with ginger & brown bread
  • Dinner:                Striploin steak with roasted veg and baked baby potatoes



  • Breakfast:           BLT Sandwich with hardboiled egg
  • Lunch:                 Tuna, egg and green beans salad
  • Dinner:                Grilled pork fillet steak with broccoli and sweet potato veg



  • Breakfast:           Sweet egg omelet with berries
  • Lunch:                 Broccoli & pea soup with pancetta & soda bread
  • Dinner:                Baked cod fillet with green beans and baby potatoes



Monday 21st to Friday 25th


  • Breakfast:           Smoked salmon sandwich with low fat crème cheese
  • Lunch:                 Guacamole chicken wrap
  • Dinner:                Chicken curry with basmati rice